Hope Community Gardens

Hope Community Gardens is a project that will give the refugees in Sangkhlaburi, in the mountains of NW Thailand the ability to grow their own food and crops.

These people have been forced to flee their homes, and arrive in Thailand with nothing. What’s worse is that because they usually arrive with no money and no papers, they are unable to work, and can’t get land to grow crops on.

What we will be doing is sourcing land in the area and establishing gardens on that land which the community will be able to help grow crops on and maintain. This means that everyone is involved in this hands-on project. It gives the community the sense of belonging as well as being able to feed themselves and not always rely on charity.

A large part of this project will be assisted by volunteers, who will contribute mainly through the sharing of specialist skills. This will range from agricultural to horticultural, building and construction, electrical and medical knowledge. We are not as yet accepting applications for volunteers, but will soon build a robust structure within which you can work.

As the garden develops and starts producing plenty of fresh goods, we are planning on opening a community kitchen of sorts. A place were the refugees can get at least one decent meal each day.

Our aim is to help the Burmese refugees get back on their feet again and become self sufficient. We are there to give them hope and the first step is with Hope Community Gardens.

As Hope Community Gardens grows so will the projects we undertake grow, but for now we taking it one step at a time and that is currently raising enough money to start the project.

If you would like to help. Please click the get involved tab above.


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