One of my many jobs out here is driving the mobile clinic teams to remote villages along the Thai/Burma border. With a coveted Thai driving licence I am one of only a few people insured to drive the organisation’s four wheel drive vehicle. The clinics set up in the front of shops, houses or on verandas in villages such as Mon Jetay, Baan Mai and Huay Gop. The clinics give advice, and medications, especially much needed contraceptives. The volunteers take pulses, blood pressures and listen to clients’ lungs. They record their findings for their records and for further use.


uno de mis trabajos es manejando la clinica movil hesta la fegion remota de la forntera de tailandia y birmania. cuando manejaba en tailandia yo era de las pocas organizaciones que podian manejat un vehiculo. la clinica se encuentra en fernte de casas de barandas y villas llamadas mon jetay, baan mai y huay gop. la clinica da consejos, medicaciones especialmente contraceptivos. los voluntarios toman pulsos, presion de la sangre y escuchan a los pacientes.

Huay Gop Maai
Setting up
Waiting for customers


What’s on offer
A talk on malaria prevention to start with.
Everyone’s blood pressure is checked if they have any health complaint as part of a full screen.
More people have the courage to come as they see others getting help.
The men turn up last-not many of them are around as most will be working in the daytime.
 The location changes from week to week so the same host doesn’t get too fed up with our presence! These few pictures show the clinic two weeks after the first in the same village-Huay Gop Maai.






One village down, one to go.



Next village Huay Gop Kao



And back to Mon Jetay to pick up the other team before heading home.
Job well done!

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